Title: 3D Space Adventures 2 / 3D空間の冒険2
Production: USA
Year: 2010
Genre: 3DCG, Anal sex, Fantasy, Monster, tentacles, lesbi, Group, strapon
Duration: (7 ep.)
Translation: no
Language: English
Censorship: Yes (very small)

Description: Interstellar space is that there ... What an adventure you will find there on his ass and other places ...
Imagine that it's not queens or strong-willed rulers that reign on far away 3D Galaxies, but unstoppable lust and irresistible carnal desires. It's cock-sucking or pussy pounding skills that can bring 3D females or males to the top there. Dick-shaped spacecrafts from the Earth cruise the space docking in the booty-like space-stations. Watch the inter-galaxy 3D screwing getting in full swing!

01. 3D Space adventures-09 321.1 MB 13:00
02. 3D Space adventures-10 147.5 MB 7:46
03. 3D Space adventures-13 111.2 MB 8:06
04. 3D Space adventures-14 77.5 MB 4:04
05. 3D Space adventures-15 191.7 MB 10:03
06. 3D Space adventures-17 324.6 MB 12:41
07. 3D Space adventures-18 349.2 MB 17:52

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Source rip: GameRip
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Audio: Windows Media Audio 44000Hz stereo 966Kbps
Size: 1.46 GB