Title: Dangerous Mask - Spider Monster / 不吉なマスク - スパイダーモンスター
Production: Japan
Year: 26/08/2013
Genre: 3D, Rape, Horror, Big Tits, Fantasy, Violence, bestiality
Duration: (1 ep) 18:31 min
Translation: no
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Is
Studio: AKATA

Description: Spider monster appears in the school, and the girl shows excessive curiosity ... The only thing that should be noted about the heroine of justice is that ... she is naked .... 3D hentai animation studio AKATA.

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Video: MPEG-4; 1000x732; 15.000 fps; 4391 kbps
Audio: MPEG-4 Audio; 44,100 Hz; stereo; 128 kbps
Size: 599.37 MB